Ladders are simple and useful tools that are very helpful in our daily lives. Ladders are available in different shapes and sizes and each ladder is used for a different purpose. This guide will help you choose the right aluminium ladder that fits your needs.

What are the different types of ladders?

We have several types of ladders available on our website: 

Aluminium Step Ladder 

These ladders are very convenient, lightweight and easy to store, so they are very common in households. These ladders usually have between 2-7 steps. Our aluminium step ladder is built with very high-quality material so they can last very long.

Platform Ladder

These ladders provide a flat and secure area at the top for standing comfortably while working. Due to the secure platform, they are very stable for performing time tasks like painting, electrical work, etc.

Aluminium Folding Ladder

Aluminium folding ladders are very useful for tight spaces or if you want to use the ladder rarely. Folding ladders come in various styles like aluminium step ladders combined with folding ladders or platform ladders combined with folding ladders.

What is a ladder used for?

Ladders are very versatile tools and can help us with several tasks like reaching high shelves and cabinets, painting walls and ceilings, changing light bulbs, cleaning windows and gutters, hanging pictures and decorations, doing electrical work, etc.

How to use a ladder safely?

It is very important to follow these safety tips while using or purchasing a ladder. 


  • Make sure to buy a ladder with a secured platform if you are buying for office or home use.
  • Always make sure to check the maximum weight capacity of a ladder before using and buying it.
  • Always make sure that the ladder is kept properly on the ground before climbing so that it does not fall afterwards.
  • Always check the ladder for any possible damage before using or buying it as this could also get you injured.

Why Bathla is Best for ladders?

We make the best quality ladders for our customers at Bathla. We use high-quality aluminium because of which our ladders are lightweight but sturdy. We add many features with every aluminium ladder like slip resistance so you don't slip especially if it is wet or your shoes are slippery, secure platform so that you can work even for a long time without losing your balance or feeling uncomfortable because of small standing area and weather resistance so that they can be safe and can last for a long time. We also offer a 5-year warranty on our ladders to give you extra peace of mind. Our aluminium ladder price is also very affordable so you can get quality ladders at very affordable rates. Whether you want an aluminium ladder for your home or office, we have all the options for you. 

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