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Spic & Span Microfiber Cleaning Cloth For Home - 340 GSM : 40cm x 40cm (Pack of 4 - Fluorescent Green)

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  • ULTRA-FINE MICROFIBERS: This product utilises a web of ultra-fine microfiber filaments with <10μm width and a structure of microscopic pores to effectively remove dust, oils, grease and even fingerprints from any surface.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT MATERIAL: The porous structure ensures up to 8x to 10x liquid absorption capacity, making it ideal for any household cleaning requirement."
  • MACHINE WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Each cloth is built from the highest quality materials for extended effectiveness and life. Each can be machine or hand washed and reused multiple times.
  • REMOVES UP TO 98% BACTERIA, 93% VIRUSES: In comparison to traditional cotton cloths that only remove 30% bacteria and 23% viruses from contaminated surfaces, microfiber cloths are proven to remove up to 98% bacteria and 23% viruses.
  • USABLE ON ALL SURFACES: This cloth can be used for dusting furniture, wiping kitchen counters, cleaning glass windows and mirrors, polishing and buffing automobiles, cleaning screens and electronic gadgets, and anything else you can think of!

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Customer Reviews

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Good quality easy to clean

Rishabh Awadhiya
Recent quality.

Soft and gente on the surface of vehicle for cleaning car.

Aman Bajaj
What you see is what you get.. even the colours.. unlike others.. YOU GUYS ROCK BATHLA PRODUCTS!!

I ordered this microfiber cleaning cloth from Bathla in different sizes and distributed amongst my family.. big size being used for my cars and bikes. Smaller ones at home for dusting cleaning glass tables and mirrors. Brilliant quality and fantastic colors. Perfect Quality Perfect GSM and Awesome Packing I recommend this to everyone especially at these fantastic prices .No one else has this range of Colors Sizes Thicknesses . Thank you for the 1 Day super fast Delivery

Shefali Chopra
Very happy with the pricing and effective uses of the cloth

These cleaning cloth can be used so effectively as it does t need any cleaning agents along with it. Just dip in water wring out the excess and clean the house .
I’ve used it to clean staircase railings, mirrors etc and it doesn’t leave any mark or stain.
For dusting of the window grills etc I use a different colour just wipe it off and they are instantly clean.
Good to buy packs with multiple colours so that we can use them in different places around the house.

Nice product value for money

Good product @146 good quality

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Spic & Span Microfiber Cleaning Cloth For Home - 340 GSM : 40cm x 40cm (Pack of 4 - Fluorescent Green)

Spic & Span Microfiber Cleaning Cloth For Home - 340 GSM : 40cm x 40cm (Pack of 4 - Fluorescent Green)

Rs. 490 Rs. 269